The Earth is facing a HOLOCAUST, induced by human ignorance and greed, the likes of which have never been seen before.

Billions of humans will either perish from disease, starvation, pestilence, and war or will be reduced to lives of horrible misery and suffering.

Millions of the species of Creation will be forced into extinction, by evil and greedy humans hell-bent to reduce the great diversity of species created by God to a few man-made species to which they hold the patents. This process of consummate evil and blasphemy is GENE-O-CIDE, the systematic despoliation of God's native gene pools.

The coming ENVIRO-HOLOCAUST will utterly destroy the quality of life for all but an elite handful of humans who will be able to create artificial environments at the expense of all remaining life and lives on what was once Planet Eden.

Time is running out. It is almost too late to stop the enviro-holocaust which has already begun in many parts of the planet and is spreading like an unstoppable cancerous growth across the globe.

To avoid the entire collapse of the viability of God's biosphere we must act at once to stop the further plunder, rape and pillaging of what remnants of Planet Eden survive in an undefiled state.

Only if all the peoples of the Earth join hands in a common cause of protecting, preserving, and defending, God's Creation, do our children and grandchildren have a chance of being able to live the happy lives which God wishes them to have.


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